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7 reviews | 107 orders

The best delivery I have ever had. I ordered potato pizza that tasted as if it was made with care. So good. Pizza 24 will be my default pizza spot.


7 reviews | 127 orders

Today's Order included a Steak and Cheese Calzone and a small order of Mozzarella Sticks. The estimated delivery time put it at 40-55 minutes but only about 25 minutes later the delivery person called at front door. Bonus points for slightly snowy day delivery. Food itself was a very tasty surprise for a 'blind order'. Cheese melted calzone bread made the steak and cheese stuffed in there even more delightful. Big sandwich value for such a reasonable price. Mozz. Sticks in my taste opinion could've used another melty minute or two but still fine enough to eat. Hint of garlic is possibly in bread or the marinara dipping sauces. Likely to order again from here.


6 reviews | 87 orders

Great food fast service!

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